A man is dead following an auto accident in Florida. It was reported that a 67-year-old man was killed when a Ford pickup truck and Honda Accord crashed. Three others were injured and taken to a local Florida hospital. The auto accident occurred on Interstate 75. It was reported that the Honda went off the interstate and then over corrected came back and hit the truck. Both vehicles spun and the car overturned in the crash. The man driving the truck was identified as John Bramm form Illinois and his wife Patrcia Bramm. He died and his wife was reportedly in serious condition and taken to a local hospital. Also injured in the auto accident were the driver of the Honda Accord Julian Dorsey, age 22 and a passenger 23-year-old Gabriell Demme. Both are from Washington, D.C. and were also taken to the hospital with injuries. The local Florida officials are investigating the auto accident.

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